Hi all,

Welcome to the “teaching section” of my little blog! Here is a little haven for all things education. You’ll find ideas, teacher resources, management tips and a link to my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store where you can make all these resources yours with a simple digital download!


To give you an idea of who I am, what I taught, and how I view the profession of teaching, let me tell you about my journey:

I began my educational journey at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA. There I studied Creative Writing with an emphasis on Poetry and minored in Political Science. I chose poetry because it spoke to my soul and connected me with the beauty of the Human Experience and I chose Political Science because the ways in which we are interconnected as humans and the systems we put into place for ourselves has always fascinated me. This diverse interest led to a lot of reading, thinking, and eventually teaching.

I began teaching with an internship credential the year I exited college with a program called Teach For America. I earned my preliminary credential with Loyola Marymount University in the evenings while I taught 7th and 8th grade Language Arts & Composition at a very high-need, Title 1 school in South Los Angeles. The days I spent at Animo Western Charter Middle School were undeniably grueling, but they taught me more about life, teaching, and perseverance than any other challenge I’ve faced thus far. Most of what I learned about classroom management I learned here, in the trenches, with some very, very, tough classes.

After teaching at Animo Western, I moved to Riverside, CA and taught in RUSD for a couple years. I absolutely loved my time at Chemawa Middle School, where I taught 8th grade English Language Arts. The word “Chemawa” is a Native American term that translates to “A Happy Home,” and that’s truly what Chemawa was to me and the many students who attended Middle School there.

I learned SO much about teaching, children, and myself along the way. Some of my favorite resources can be found on my TeachersPayTeachers page and/or below:

During this past summer, I took a unique opportunity toΒ step back into a substitute teacher role to pursue another one of my passions: writing! It has been a journey that I am so grateful and blessed to be on, but which did separate me from the impact I felt I had as a teacher. That’s where this little page comes in. My hope is thatΒ you can find something here that may aid you in the WILDΒ profession of education and send your classroom the little bit of pizazz it needs in order to start functioning at full-force!

To give you an idea of how to use this part of the blog, I suggest you check out some of my resources linked to TpT, read about my teaching philosophy, and garner knowledge from the many Teaching books I will talk about on here. Maybe you’ll even find a little inspiration on those tough days (because I know, teaching brings some truly tough days).



Let me know YOUR thoughts below!

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